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    Us folks over here to HAWG JAW FRITZ started out ‘bout 5 year ago at competitions. It was family doing the smoking and competing. We did some winning along the way and the woman folk did their own to take home some ribbons as well. Mama Peggy and her desserts are always a winner, Marlye’s vegetables and Jan’s beans aren’t too shabby either. A few of the kids have had ago at it and have a few ribbons with their name on ‘em. As we moised on the trail of cooking up tasty food at competitions some folks asked us to do some cooking for them at their get togethers so we did. And before you know it we was a fixin’ food for other folks too. Well as time went on we decided to try this here restaurant thing. Man o’live now it’s taken off like an old hound on the scent of a treed up opossum.

    We’re a figuring it’s our unique way of slow smoking with fruit woods and adding a touch of our special selected spices that brings out the good to honest barbeque flavor in our meats. Our sides are old recipes handed down from our grandmas and grandpas over the years. We figure if’n ya gonna feed some folks why not feed the best, like we eat and enjoy. So if your in this neck of the woods and have time stop on by for some food we’ll be proud to sever you some great BBQ.

    We offer catering services from casual events, office parties & meetings to wedding receptions with a wide variety of delicious offerings. Please contact us for your next event and let us plan a memorable time for you.